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Ordinary Membership

For NPOs building donors trust by setting standards for fundraising charities, which cover the essential aspects of the ICFO International Standards, and enforce them through monitoring and accreditation.

What you  can expect from ICFO

  • Access to ICFO network

  • Access to member area of ICFO website with additional information and publications

  • Access to ICFO database of monitored charities

  • Invitation to attend Annual Conference of ICFO

  • Right to attend closed part of the Annual General Meeting of ICFO

  • Right of vote at the Annual General Meeting of ICFO

  • Right to elect the Board of ICFO and possibility to get elected to the Board of ICFO

  • Receive ICFO newsletter

What ICFO is expecting from Ordinary Members

  • Support the objectives and activities of ICFO

  • Exchange of information and know-how between ICFO members

  • Attend the Annual General Meetings of ICFO

  • Pay an annual membership fee of EUR 1'588


If you are interested in becoming ICFO member, please fill in the questionnaire and return it with the attachement required to [tocco-encoded-addr:OTksMTExLDExMCwxMTYsOTcsOTksMTE2LDY0LDEwNSw5OSwxMDIsMTExLDQ2LDExMSwxMTQsMTAz].


International Committee on
Fundraising Organizations (ICFO)
c/o Stiftung Zewo
Pfingstweidstrasse 10
8005 Zürich