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International Association of Charity Monitoring Organizations
Motivated By Trust
We Are:

ICFO is the international association of national charity monitoring organizations and the worldwide network of ICFO members.

We Ensure That:
Fundraising for charitable purpose is organized and performed in a satisfactory manner and that the administration of the collected funds is adequate.
Our History:
ICFO was founded in 1958 as the association of national charity monitoring organizations. The association is registered in The Netherlands.
Key Reports & Documents:
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Martina Ziegerer
Stiftung Zewo
Zurich, Switzerland

Board Member

Ana Benavides
Fundación Lealtad
Madrid, Spain

Secretary General

Nathalie Blum
Comité de la Charte
Paris, France


Curtis Towns
Elmira, Canada

Board Member

Art Taylor
BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
Arlington, USA

International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO)
c/o Stiftung Zewo
Pfingstweidstrasse 10
8005 Zürich

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How to Assess Charities Fair and Credible

These principles help to set standards, to evaluate charities against those standards, and to report the result to the public.

About ICFO Principles

The goal is that trustworthiness has been determined in a fair and credible manner.

What is the goal?

The goal is that trustworthiness has been determined in a fair and credible manner.

What is covered by the ICFO Principles?

The shared principles address the following main topics:
1) How to set standards for trustworthy charities
2) How to assess charities if they are trustworthy
3) How to inform on the result of such assessment

ICFO Publications

Find out how to build donors trust with charity monitoring
ICFO – Comparative Survey
Burkhard Wilke, January 2014 (PDF)
ICFO – 50 Years of Informed Trust
Rollin van Broekhoven, May 2008 (PDF)
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