2014 Paris, France

ICFO AGM 2016, Oslo, Norway

May 23, 2014

Place: Institut Pasteur, Paris


The Changning Generosity Landscape: Which Challenges for the Monitoring?

The ICFO annual conference is hosted by Comité de la Charte, the ICFO member organization from France.

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Morning Session: Oversight of the Generosity Landscape
Moderator Edith Archambault, Volunteer Expert, Comité de la Charte

Afternoon Panels: Moderator: Gérard de la Martinière, Chairperson of Comité de la Charte

How to Cope with Internet?
Multiplication of initiatives (start-ups, platforms) with attractive ideas but maybe a low level of ethics. Which kind of regulation will be required for the crowdfunding? Where shall be the border between public solicitation and private connections? Is there a need to directly monitor the service providers?

  • Arnaud Burgot, Vice-chairperson of Association Financement Participatif France, Co-founder of Ulule
  • Philippe Leveque, Executive Officer of Care France
  • Michel Thomas, Representative of “Cour des Comptes”
  • Antoine Vaccaro, Chairperson of Cerphi
  • Bennett Weiner, BBB Wise Giving Alliance
  • Burkhard Wilke, Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen

How to Monitor International Flows of Donations?
Towards multinational networks of charities with the risk of increasing opacity. Tax regimes under pressure and the temptation of protectionism. Potential exposure to money laundering. Monitoring of INGOs. Providing exchanges of information and developing cooperation between monitoring organizations.

  • Jean-Baptiste Carpentier, Executive Officer of Tracfin
  • Jean Chevallier, Volunteer Expert, Comité de la Charte
  • Dominique Lemaistre, Fondation de France
  • Mahieddine Khelladi, Executive Officer of Islamic Relief France
  • John Pellowe, Canadian Council of Christian Charities
  • Martina Ziegerer, Chairperson of ICFO