2013 Taipei, Taiwan

ICFO Conference 2013 in Taiwan

May 3, 2013

Place: International Convention Center, National Taiwan University, Taipei


Global Perspective on NGO Accountability and ICT Use in Fundraising - A New Era for Accountability

The ICFO annual conference is hosted by Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance, the ICFO member organization from Taiwan.


Keynote Address

Nowadays social media is highly used to form social networking. What is more, new technologies create new dimensions in donation. All kinds of high-tech devices are gradually used as tools to make easier access to donors. By this way, it opens up to immense opportunities for NPO worldwide. Nevertheless, accountability and transparency in donation through high-tech devices comes along with doubts and uncertainties from donors. A mechanism for cross border accountability and risk reduction urgently needs to be evolved in this ever-changing Internet age. We must make good use of the existence of opportunities to overcome challenges we are facing today.
Moderator: Sin-Jen Cheng, Standing director, TWNPO

Session 1: Global Perspective
The concept of accountability in NPOs has received significant attention in research and practice, partly because of its importance, but also because it is challenging to define, measure and implement. The nature of accountability is complex, ambiguous and highly context-dependent, especially in this global era of information explosion. The intention that combines experiences from countries could have a better chemistry.
Moderator:Hui Jung Chi, President, the Garden of Hope Foundation

Session 2 : Accountability in Asia
While an active civil society is progressing, then the accountability is an issue that admits of no delay. NPOs need to have a sense of risk, to reform in an open and transparent environment where the public can question the credibility of these organizations all the time. We especially introduce Asian experiences to understand how they work it out respectively.

Sessions 3: Taiwan ICT & Fundraising
In 2009, the amount of smart phone users in Taiwan increased almost 50%. In 2010, more than 1 million smart phones were sold. In this timing of technology transformation, fundraising could be done through multiple tools: social media, cell phones, website use, and online auction. In recent years, the level of technology available to both organizations and to everyday people has changed the way in which nonprofits view the task of fundraising. Many people have access to cell phones and computers, and use the Internet on a daily basis now. Technology is thus a highly effective way to reach people, acquire donations, and organize fundraising activities. Moderator: Adri Kemps, Secretary General, ICFO.

  • E-Invoice on Fundraising & Accountability - Zhi-Shan Lu, Senior System Analyst, Financial Data Center, Ministry of Finance. Taiwan The Ministry of Finance forms an accessible E-Invoice environment for NPO to promote the public use of E-Invoice. It is easy for people to donate, and good for monitoring the transparency of donation on line as well.
  • Taiwan Mobile Phone Fundraising Platform - Josephine Juan, CEO, Taiwan Mobile Foundation, Taiwan. “5180 Instant Donation” is Taiwan's first telecommunications platform providing a secure mobile micro-donation channel.
  • Fundraising Platform on Website Richy Li, Director, Media Center, YAHOO! Taiwan. YAHOO! provides free channel for Taiwan NPO to upload their messages for fundraising and activities promotion. It also offers free on-line donation services for TWNPO members.