2012 Madrid, Spain

ICFO Conference 2012, Madrid, Spain

May 18, 2012


Independent Monitoring of NGOs: Enhancing Donor's Trust on a Global Basis

The ICFO annual conference is hosted by Fundación Lealtad, the ICFO member organization from Spain.

Program (English) (Spanish)

Increasingly, NGOs operate in a global environment. In this context, platforms like ICFO have a great opportunity to carry out their mission, enhance their growth and strengthen the confidence of donors at the international level. Some of the challenges to consolidate a powerful international network of NGO evaluators are: promoting the establishment of independent monitoring agencies in emerging and developing countries, facilitating information sharing and coordinating the work to standardize evaluation processes.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Patricia de Roda, Executive Director, Fundación Lealtad
  • ICFO: Who we are, goals and challenges. Rollin A. Van Broekhoven, President, ICFO

Panel: The donors point of view: Expectations of an International
Platfom of Charities Monitoring Agencies

What are international institutional donors’ information requirements? Do charities’ transparency and accountability
initiatives address their needs? Moderator: Pedro Guerrero, Chairman, Bankinter

Case Study: NGO accountability initiatives in Latin America to engage donor trust in emerging countries
Three projects recently developed in Chile, Argentina and Mexico include the definition of common transparency standards and promote good practice through educational programs or analysis reporting. How can ICFO give support to local NGO accountability initiatives? Moderator: Javier Nadal, President, Spanish Association of Foundations

Panel: NGOs accountability in a global context: changing challenges
How can ICFO coordinate different national monitoring agencies to work together to address the needs of monitored NGOs operating and raising funds internationally?Moderator: Adri Kemps, Secretary-General, ICFO

Closing Remarks

How is ICFO addressing the donor’s changing information requirements?

  • Rollin A. Van Broekhoven, President, ICFO
  • Salvador García-Atance, Founder and Chairman, Fundación Lealtad
  • Donors
  • NGOs’ representatives