2007 Milano, Italy

ICFO Conference 2007, Milano, Italy

April 27, 2007

Place: Assolombarda Auditorium, Milano


Transparency and Independent Monitoring – Enhancing Trust in NPOs in the Global Environment

The annual ICFO conference is hosted by Instituto Italiano della Donazione IID, the ICFO member organization from Italy.


  • Transparency and integrity for the civil economy development. The strategy of the new Agenzia per le Onlus –Stefano Zamagni, Presidente Agenzia delle Onlus/NPO, Government Agency Chairperson
  • ICFO mission and new challenges – Burkhard Wilke, Secretary General ICFO
  • Independent monitoring and stakeholder representation – Lorenzo Sacconi, Director of Econometica, Trento University, Italy
  • Outcome Evaluation: Social Reporting of NPO – Gionvanni Stiz, Partner Seneca sri, Italy
  • “Giving Europe” – Establishing European charitable statistics – Theo N.M. Schuyt, Professor Philanthropic Studies, Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • New European Fundraising Standards (EFA) – Beatrice Lentati, Director EFA, European Fundraising Association, and Chairperson ASSIF, Italian
  • Fundraisers Association. The new International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) Accountability Charter – Burkhard Gnaerig, Director Berlin Civil Society Center
  • Ratings and direct comparisons. When are they useful? Donors social rating. Italian case histories –Davide Dal Maso, Head of SRI, Avanz SRI, Research / Vigeo
  • USA best practices – Rollin van Broekhoven, President of ICFO