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Promoting transparency & integrity by monitoring charities worldwide.

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International Association of Charity Monitoring Organizations
ICFO is the international association of national charity monitoring organizations. The worldwide network of ICFO members ensure that fundraising for charitable purposes are being organized and performed in a satisfactory manner and that the administration of the collected funds are adequate.
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Promote Transparency & Integrity

Charities that are monitored against the standards of an ICFO member and recommended by them, increase their potential by enhancing donor’s trust.

Strengthen the International Network of Experts

Charity monitoring organizations have an international network to exchange know-how and share experience.

Set Standards & Monitor Charities

Charities which are monitored by a member of ICFO are bound to follow the principles given in accordance with the respective national law and culture.

Provide Information

Donors, companies, foundations, governments, the media and the public receive information about charity monitoring systems and the activities of international working charities.

News & Updates

Visit the news page for recent news & updates from ICFO, our members, and the sector.

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If you already have or plan to start a charity monitoring organization consider joining ICFO, a truly global voice for monitoring charities.