Building Donors Trust

ICFO and its members give confidence


Charity Monitoring Worldwide

Promote Transparency & Integrity

Most charities are honest and reliable. However, there are a few which misuse donor's trust by directing money to activities other than for which it was raised. Others deny donors access to information about their financial activities. This is where ICFO and its members can help.  Charities which are monitored against the standards of an ICFO member and recommended by them, increase their potential by enhancing donor's trust.

Set Standards & Monitor Charities

Charities which are monitored by a member of ICFO are bound to follow the guidelines given in accordance with the respective national law and culture. This may include principles for public benefit goals, ethical guidelines for fundraising, corporate governance and accounting rules, as well as transparency and accountability.

Strengthen the International Network of Experts

Charity monitoring organizations have an international network to exchange know-how and share experience. New charity monitoring organizations around the world receive examples and advice to establish charity monitoring in their country.

Provide Information

Donors, companies, foundations, governments, the media and the public receive information about charity monitoring systems and the activities of international working charities.


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